Saturday, May 24, 2008

Chapter 6

So Roma and Bill chatted on that day standing next to the grocery store. When the night came they chatted on their way home. Then they chatted for an hour or two in front of Roma's house. They finally parted around midnight.
Next day he visited her right after she came home from school.


This soon became his habit. Every day Roma was watching out of the window and waiting for him to come. They spent afternoons, evenings and whole weekends together. It started with just talking, laughing and having pillow fights,


but they soon realised that their friendship is something special. And that made them even happier. They couldn't get enough of each other. They strolled the streets hand in hand, danced to imaginary music


and shared their first kiss.


They soon were named town's most perfect couple. Adults and elders smiled at memories of their own first loves when they saw Roma and Bill together, and Clones' eyes were aflame with hatred and envy. Some of them didn't limit themselves to just watching and tried to make them break up. Bill's twin sister Bella (one of the Clones) tried to spread some nonsensical rumours about Roma's past, but Bill didn't believe a word she said. It only spoiled the so far good relations between the twins.


Kerry said...

Oh, oh, his sister is against them--I wonder what the younger Adam thinks about her relationship with Bill? Is he jealous, or did he just have friendly feelings for her?

The Lunar Fox said...

Oh.. young love! So cute!

But too bad his twin sister is being so mean! What's not to like about Roma?

Bubbs said...

YEAH! One does wonder about younger Adam's view on this since he did meet her first.

His sister must not have a boyfriend and is jealous her brother has someone...