Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter 3

Roma got off the school bus and slowly went into her house grabing the newspaper lying on the lawn and yawning on the way. She dropped her bag on the floor and went into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and took the first edible thing she put her eyes on. Equiped with that she sat at the kitchen table and began to read “The Challengeville Gossiper”.


She was trying to find job advertisements when she came across something that caused her to almost choke to death. It took her a while to calm down, and than she read again:

Yesterday me and two other citizens of Challengeville had the pleasure of welcoming a new member of our community, Roma Castillo. We visited her in her house at Ulica Główna 100. We had a very interesting conversation over the strangest jelly I have ever eaten. We are sure miss Castillo will make a very colourful addition to our society. We wish her luck!”

The text was signed by Adam Dzwonko.

She found the piece of paper Baśka gave her the other day and dialed Adam's number. After a moment she heard:


-Hi, colourful addition speaking.


She heard him laugh.

-So you've read the article already.

-Yeah. Do you do this to every newcomer?

-Yes. I've told you yesterday, we love gossiping.

-You guys really need something to occupy yourselves with. A hobby or something.

-You know, we all have our goals here and we're working very hard to achieve them. So we want something to help us relax and forget about all that stuff we have to do.

-Yeah, whatever. In case you want to write something about me in tomorrow's issue I inform you that when I'm done talking with you I'm going to do my homework and finish cleaning the house. I'm sure you're able to write at least two pages about that.

-Wow, that's sensational! - he said, laughing.

-Isn't it? OK, I'm not going to disturb you any longer. Go write that article. Bye!


She put down the receiver and went to the kitchen to do her homework. It's been a while since she did some serious studying, so she was struggling with it. When she finally finished she was too exhausted to do any of the cleaning she planned. She sat at the table for a while doing nothing and then she finally remembered there's one place in her house she never visited. She got up and climbed upstairs to the attic.


There was hardly anything there. When her eyes grew accustomed to the limited lighting she walked closer to a big shape in the corner. There was something covered with a huge piece of white cloth. Roma removed it with one swift move. After the dust fell down and she was able to see everything again she saw an easel a couple of blank canvases and a big box with tubes of paint and brushes in it.


-Now that's interesting.

She struggled to carry all of these things downstairs and after an hour she was standing in front of a blank canvas with a paintbrush in her hand.



Melissa said...

Nice start. Who is this Adam? Telling her to go to school?! The nerve! I'm interested to see where Miss Castillo came from ..

Bubbs said...

Ok, so you show in the welcoming group and that gives you permission to write about her in the paper?

What does Adam really want??