Sunday, May 11, 2008

Chapter 1

When she finished cleaning the kitchen and decided to take a short break before going on with her work in the bathrom, she heard a doorbell. Her heart stopped for a second. “They found me already?! But how?” was her first thought. She silently aproached the front door and carefully looked out to see who was standing outside. She was a bit relieved when she realised she didn't know any of the three people waiting for her to open the door. One of them came close to the door and rang the bell again.
- Open the door! We know you're there! - she shouted.
She decided to take the risk and slowly opened the door.
- Ah, there you are! My name is Baśka Misiurka, this is Adam Dzwonko and Beniamin Wystrzał. We came here to welcome you in our little town.


- Hello! Nice to meet you. I'm Roma Castillo. Come in! - she said with a nice smile on her face.
But she couldn't help herself and looked suspiciosly at her guests when they passed her as they where entering.
- Come to the kitchen. It's the only decent-looking place in this house for now. Sit down wherever you want, I just finished washing the floor. Do you want some jelly? That's all I have right now.


When they all sat down around the table with lumps of strange substance in front of them, Roma began her investigation:
- Are you guys always this nice? I mean, the whole welcoming thing?
- Well, yes. It's our local tradition to welcome any newcomers. We just think it makes people feel better if they know there are some friendly people around that they can ask for help. Actually, someday you may also be a part of a welcome wagon - Beniamin said.
- How exciting. I hardly can wait – she said with a sarcastic smile on her face.
- To tell you the truth, we don't give a damn for this whole supportive community thing. We are extremely nosy. All we really want is gossip. And everyone coming to live in a place called Challengeville have to be pretty special, don't you think? - Adam said.
The way he looked at Roma made her feel uneasy. “Maybe it was a mistake to let them in?” crossed her mind. She quickly finished her jelly.
- It's really lovely chatting with you, but I have some more rooms to clean before I go to bed. I hope you don't mind if I ask you to leave.
- Oh, not at all! Here are our phone numbers. - Baśka gave her a tiny piece of paper. - Just call any of us if you need help. Or someone to talk to.
- Thanks guys. I really appreciate that.
They all shook hands and as Roma closed the door behind her guests, she let the second sigh of relief this day.


The Lunar Fox said...

Wow, one person is bald and the other has a really bad make over!

This is really a nice start. For English not being your native language, you do a good job.

(This is studyofme by the way. ^__^)

Bubbs said...

Looks like the welcome wagon as arrived.

It is interesting to see the last names your game has since mine has different last names.