Sunday, May 18, 2008

Chapter 5

Roma's relations with both Adams were flourishing. The older one helped her with her homework, especially maths, and paid her surprise visits early in the morning or late in the evening, always bringing her some tasty, home-made food.

The younger, one on the other hand, helped her with having fun. Together they plotted against The Clones, as they started to call the blond girls, together played, laughed or spent long hours talking on the phone.

And suddenly something disturbed that pleasant routine of Roma's life.
She was doing her weekly shopping at the local grocery when her whole world collapsed, the flames of hell arouse around her, icy cold wind embraced her and she heard angelic voices in her head. In other words: she saw Bill Board. She was unable to move until he was around.

As soon as he left, the strange sensations stopped. She went back home with his image before her mind's eyes. She couldn't sleep that night.
The next morning she decided that she should go shopping more often. She forgot to buy butter yesterday anyway. So she went to the very same place that witnessed her private apocalypse the day before.
She bought butter, as well as a bunch of things she really didn't need. She examined every little thing she found around just to stay there longer. It was when she started to run out of excuses that someone tapped her on her shoulder. She turned around to see just the person she wanted to see.

- Excuse me, you're the newcomer, right? Roma Castillo?
She couldn't say a word and just nodded.
- I'm Bill Board – he said shaking hands with her. - I talked with Adam D'Lottery and he told me you're rather fun and don't know much people around here, so I thought that maybe I'd chat with you for a while - he said and smiled.

She smiled back and nodded again.
- That'd be lovely.


The Lunar Fox said...

It's nice to see Roma making friends. Oh my, a cute boy. XD

With this challenge, are you supposed to start them off as teens, or is that just a liberty you're taking to give you sim time to become a great artist?

Triss said...

Thank you for your comment!

Starting with a teen is one of the rules of this challenge. But to be honest it's not much of a challenge right now. Money should be an issue, but after building her a home with everything she needs to survive and I need for storytelling purposes she still was left with over 5k. The only thing Roma really struggles with is homework. It takes soooo long for her to do it.

And I like that boy too. He will be back in next chapters for sure :)

Bubbs said...

Yeah! She is making more friends! Do I hear romance in the air??