Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chapter 15

Roma woke up and looked at the clock on her bedside table. It was 8 am. Bill was probably already on the plane. There was a long journey ahead of him. He promised to call her right after he reaches the hotel he was to stay in.
She got up, took a shower, ate breakfast and started to work on another painting.


As she was working, she started to feel more and more anxious.


Her sixth sense told her there was something wrong. Or if it was not wrong already, it will be soon. She immediately thought of Bill. There was no way to contact him, so she turned on the radio and full of fear listened if there was any report of a plane crash. The news ended, and luckily the words „plane” and „crash” were not uttered. She felt a bit reassured, but the strange feeling would not go away. She thought to herself that she was probably worrying too much and went back to painting.


In the evening the feeling of anxiety was even stronger. She was eagerly awaiting the sound of the phone ringing, but minutes upon minutes passed and it remained silent. She had to argue with herself to prevent herself from panicking: there was probably a delay and Bill is still on his way to the hotel, or the journey was so tiring that he went to sleep right after reaching the hotel, or he just simply forgot and the next morning he will call her, feeling guilty, and apologize. Yes, that must be the case.
She finally was calm enough to fall asleep.


Creaking of the front door woke her up. For a moment she remained silent and fished for any further sounds, unsure if what she just heard was just a dream or reality. She heard the door creak again. It was real, someone was trying to enter her house.


She grabbed something heavy and hoped that the alarm she bought would work.
And it did. Faster than she could do anything herself, the police was there. When she ran into her living room she saw the policeman and a woman dressed in black and white fight in the center of it.


A moment later the burglar was handcuffed and sitting in the police car. The policeman went back inside to make sure Roma is alright and tell her to call her insurance company. She promised to do so in the morning and went back to bed.
The strange feeling was almost gone.


Bubbs said...

Was the burgular why she had the bad feeling or is there something else...worse coming?

Triss said...

Only time will tell. Or, more acurately, I will tell in the right time.