Sunday, February 8, 2009

Chapter 14

A month has passed since Bill and Bella's visit in Challengeville. Bill and Roma continued on their traditional telephone conversations, and both were looking forward to them from the moment they woke up. But this day was special. Usually it was Roma calling, but on that day Bill hurried back to his dorm so that he could call her as soon as possible. She picked up the receiver immediately after he dialed her number.
-Roma, I have wonderful news! - he cried in excitement. - They picked me! I'm going to Summerland to chase some rare parrots around tropical forests!
She laughed and congratulated him. He went on for a while and told her a bit about the details of his trip, and about the decision, about the reactions of others. She listened to all of that and shared the excitement.
After a couple of minutes he calmed down enough to be interrupted.
-I have something to tell you too – Roma said.
-What is it, honey?
-You're going to be a father.
He said nothing for a second.
-That's... That's wonderful! - he said, beaming with happiness again, but suddenly grew serious. - But I'm not going to be with you for the first couple of months.
-I don't think you'll miss anything interesting. Morning sickness isn't very entertaining. You'll be back just in time when the real fun starts and I'll start to look like a beached whale.
-Just make sure to rest a lot, eat healthy, get a lot of sleep, avoid stressful situations,...
-OK, OK, I think I'll survive somehow - she said, laughing.


Bubbs said...

She is pregnant? That is great! I can't wait to see what her baby looks like. Hopefully he returns home safely...

Triss said...

I can't wait to see the baby either!