Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chapter 13

The week was drawing to an end. Bella and Bill were going back the next morning, and Bill decided to spend the last hours of his stay in their hometown with Roma. After an eventful morning, a lunch with the rest of the Board family and spending some time swimming, they came to Roma's place just in time to sit down in front of the house and watch the sunset.
-Did you hear that? - Bill said after a moment's silence.


-Hear what?
-The bird. That's kingfisher, as far as I can tell. They are quite rare and very hard to spot. This is one of very few places in our country they still can be heard or seen.
They said nothing for a couple of minutes, and Bill again broke the silence.
-I want to tell you something. I didn't tell anyone so far, because it's not sure yet... I applied to go abroad to do some research and write an article for my university about a specific kind of parrot. I was picked to be in the final five. The decision will be announced next week.
-That's wonderful! What do you think your chances are of being picked?
-I'm not really sure. I know two of the other four students and they both are really good and passionate about the subject.
-I'm sure you'll get picked. They'll prove themselves to be a bunch of idiots if they don't choose you - Roma said with a smile.
-I hope they won't prove themselves to be that. That trip would bring a welcome change of environment.
-But I hope it would not delay your return?
-No, it would not. It'd just make me run around some tropical forest chasing birds instead of sitting in my room with heaps of books all around – he said and laughed.
-That's good because I don't think I'd bear more than those remaining four months without you – she said and gave him a strong hug.


-I know, darling, I know. I'm glad I'm coming back for good.
-And while we're at that, I've been thinking – Bill said after a moment's silence – that since you're so attached to this place and don't want to move anywhere bigger or more comfortable, we could expand a bit. Maybe add another room, and a bigger bathroom wouldn't hurt either. I've been putting away some money, and your paintings are selling well, so we should be able to afford it. And we will need it. I guess you already got used to the thought that our house will be full of birds...
-...and children – she interrupted in a low voice.
He looked gravely at her and said nothing for a while. Then smiled and added:
-And children. You see, we'll need more space.


-That's a wonderful idea. I'll try to find a good compa... what is that?! - Roma exclaimed as she felt tiny drops of water on her skin.


-It seems to be rain, but it has never rained here for my entire life! I guess we're not going to see the sunset today. Let's go inside before we catch a cold.

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Anonymous said...

Roma and Bill are so cute! (found you through the challenges group on yahoo, I'm Iselda there)