Thursday, September 4, 2008

Chapter 9

The sound of the doorbell woke Roma. She waited a moment before getting up to make sure that it wasn't just a dream. When she heard it again she got out of her bed and grumbled on her way to open the door. It was her birthday and someone dared to wake her up at 8am! This was just outrageous.
The person responsible for that appalling behavior was a delivery man with a parcel in one hand and some papers in another.
-Good morning miss! Is your name Roma Castillo? - he asked, consulting the papers.
-Yes it is.
-Very well. Please sign here... and here... Thank you. This parcel is for you. Good bye!
She went back inside with the parcel in her hand. It was in a shape of a cylinder, wrapped in a colorful paper and tied with a red ribbon. She cautiously unwrapped it wondering who sent it to her.
When she took the lid off the box she saw that it was full of deliciously looking and smelling chocolates. There was a letter too. Roma couldn't resist and settled herself on the sofa with the chocolates within her reach


and started to read the letter:

My dearest Roma,

as you know I'm not able to come for your birthday because of my exams. This box of chocolates is just a token. We'll celebrate properly when I come home (you'll get a proper present then too). And now get up and make sure everything is prepared for your birthday party!


Bill x

PS. May your adult life be as sweet as these chocolates.


Roma looked around. Everything was ready for the party. The guests were supposed to start coming in about half an hour, so she had some time to take a shower. Just when she was leaving the bathroom, her first guest came.
It was not going to be a huge birthday party. Roma only invited three of her school friends (all of who were strangely drawn to swinging on the door of her fridge) and Adam, the only of the group that welcomed her in Challengeville that she still stayed in touch with.
The party was held on the lawn. It was sunny, as always, so there was no reason to stay indoors. Everyone was having great time playing kicky bag, having pillow fights or just chatting.


When the time was right they all gathered around the birthday cake and cheered


as Roma blew the candles, made a wish and spun into a beautiful adult.


The party finished late at night and left everyone in great moods.


After the younger guests had left Adam approached Roma and said:
-I saw the painting you're now working on. It already looks really good. I can see you've already made a huge improvement. You are talented and you'll be able to make huge money just by selling your paintings. But you have to start somewhere. I have an offer for you. A friend of mine is opening a gallery soon and he's looking for some young, promising painters. I think you two should meet and work together. It would be such a great opportunity for you.
He gave him his friend's phone number, she thanked him and promised to call him the next day.
That evening Roma fell asleep with a smile on her face. Everything was going so well.


The Lunar Fox said...

Woot! An adult already. Don't sims grow up too fast? Haha

And about Uni, I see your point. And it would take away from the challenge if she were to earn money from scholarships while at school.

Go Roma, and start your empire. This challenge seems like it'd be pretty fun.

Kristine said...

I've never even thought about trying this challenge, but after reading your blog, I think it would be a lot of fun! You are a terrific writer and I look forward to reading more about Roma :)

Bubbs said...

Yeah, she made it past her teen years! I still wonder about older Adam's interest in Roma.