Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Chapter 8

My dearest Roma,

I arrived at the campus a couple of hours ago. The journey was rather comfortable, but I was happy to finally get off the bus.

The first person I met at the Universal University campus was this very nice lady who showed me the way to the dorm I'm staying in (you can see it in the picture).


I quickly picked a rather modest room,


left all my stuff in there and went on to investigate the place that I'll be calling home for the next four years. I took a couple of pictures so that you could see what you're missing ;)

I was the first student to arrive at this dorm, and the only other person there was a cafeteria worker.


We chatted for a while and he told me that I can help him in the kitchen if I ever run out of money. When he was telling me about various places around, the first group of students arrived. I was surprised to see my sister among them.


I wasn't exactly happy to see her here, but we'll see how things go...

Anyway, here's a photo of a little learning area upstairs.


I can see by the condition of all this stuff that there were whole generations living and studying here before me. Kind of makes me feel special, but I think I'd rather sit on a decent sofa while learning, not wonder what is that thing making strange noises every time I move.

Oh, I almost forgot to write you about this strange tradition they have here. When I arrived that lady I wrote you about earlier gave me some random pieces of clothing,


told me to change and throw my old clothes away. That was weird! I think I need to go shopping tomorrow before classes.

And that's all I have to tell you about my student life so far. I miss you very much and I'd love you to be here with me. I'll call you tomorrow!


Bill x


The Lunar Fox said...

Haha, the study area had me going, "Ick!" too.

Too bad Roma didn't go to Uni too. Is there a rule in the challenge that she can't go to school?

Triss said...

Actually the rules say nothing about Uni. But I think at least the founder and heirs are not allowed to go to college because of the money they would bring back with them. And on the other hand, there really is no point sending them as they can't get a job anyway.

Bubbs said...

Oh, ok...I was wondering about Roma's sister until I realized it was Bill talking. *headslap*

At least he still seems to like Roma.